Artist. Realist.


What's happening NOW

What I'm doing now

(as of 10/27/2015)

I'm in New Orleans, getting really excited about my goals being realized for my business (and fighting the good fight against procrastination...#ongoing #thestruggle)

  • Wrapping up the numbers for the year for my premier clients and myself (this helps me plan appropriately)
  • Training new team members of the Pro Unum tribe of Tax Ninjas (this will help me with money and time)
  • Going into rehab mode for my shared office/Service Center home base for 2016 (Yay!)
  • Entering application and study Level I for NTPI Fellowship (only the creme de la creme of Tax Pros do this.)
  • Helping Riley get better socially, with regular Mommy-Daughter time and advice from my bank of mental strength and my own social prowess (such as it is...)
  • Speak 3 more times to disadvantaged teen girls in my local community in 2016
  • Vowing to take care of my body better, again, by walking, biking and eating better 5 days a week
  • Finish an update plan for my home in 2016, because she turns 12 years old and needs a new garden and some paint
  • Writing and publishing 2 new works over the next 12 months - one fiction, one non.
  • Keep smiling & stay goofy (with regular weekly binges into dark comedy, quarterly road trips with my honey and daily meditation)

You know, I think that is plenty to focus on.  Frankly, I know to most, I seem a tad mad to take on THIS much, but I would not be me if there were less than 5 items on this list - with the ADHD and OCD and split personalities and all.

Saying 'no' to things that just don't fit in to this list AND to my current set of skills will shock some, since I have been a bit of a 'sure' and 'let's do it' kind of girl the last, oh, decade or so.  I've stretched, so I don't feel guilty turning things down anymore.

I'm good.

If and when my priorities shift, I will update this page.

(thanks to Derek Sivers and Gregory Brown for inspiring this accountability page-of-sorts!)